Take Away


Take away from mastery and towards the immersive bubble of blood, amniotic fluid, voice, sonic bubble and breathe.

I invite you to inhabit me.

Skin warming skin submerged within blood.

Breathing blood, breathing fluid, breathing all that I consume.

I will protect you as nature intended.

Attend to me. Attend to me. Attend to me. Attend to me.


You see a screen in front of a black curtain drawn to the side, on a loop you travel through a dated living room towards the red curtains. Although no body is seen a presence is felt from behind the camera. You follow the singing like voice behind the curtain to another screen. In the small, dark space you become overwhelmed by the voice as it gradually crescendos from a comforting ‘ahhh’ to a contorted, grasping choke. Silence. A woman comes onto the screen, a close up of her made up face, and she entices you and tries to seduce you.