Pass was a performance over the duration of LET SLIP at A.P.T. Gallery, Deptford. A group exhibtion with Slip.Collective.


Over the course of 3 days of the exhibition, six women individually performed an ever-changing text. During the duration of the exhibition an archive was created of each version of the text. Collectively, the text developed and expanded, its form changed and actions were added, but at the centre of the text remained a shared female experience. This performance explored ideas of a collective female voice.


The first version of the text was written by Izzy DuBois. It was a short piece written in two voices (although performed by one) of a description of a scene of a girl group performing on T.V. The piece looked at multiple possibilities of a scene which feels familiar – of a recycled experience.


The original text was written when DuBois became infatuated the stories and voices of the American 60’s girl groups such as The Shirelles and The Cordettes, who had great success but often never saw any of the money. These stories summarised the rich history of men profiting from the female voice. This performance aims to question authorship and control.


The only documentation of the performances are photos which were taken and the archive which was created.